Drax 4 Kids - Haunted House Party

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Drax 4 Kids

Dare to take your kids to a haunted house adventure? Ready for an unusual holiday escape at our classy, comfy and cosy Centrepoint Resort Apartments?  Let your little bundle of joys overcome their fears and be brave enough to conquer their phobia. Grab the ‘Drax 4 Kids’ challenge and begin this eerie holiday experience.

In year 2008, Dracula’s restaurant and bar, a family theatre café and food hub where comedy, music, chills and complete entertainment reign the venue, launched its hottest and most modern 6.5 million dollar Haunted House venture. This ghostly and scary ‘walk-through’ attraction for the kids amazes everyone with its interactive games and thrilling trip to the five dark and creepy passages, museum quirks, and optical or visual illusions.

Young thrill-seekers would yell, scream and laugh out loud all throughout their journey to a dark, fizzing and terrifying hub of their spectacular ‘Deadly Australian Creatures Collection’. This includes the thrills of the funnel web spider, giant crocodile and white pointer shark. Modern and innovative animation and special audio and visual effects will surely bring the attraction to life. The show also features Kevin Rudd ‘Digestion’ Experience, Mirror Maze, Gothic Vampyre Lair and Phobia Level.

Despite its being eerie and really scary, ‘Drax 4 Kids’ remains family-friendly, protected and secure. The creators, operators and management of Dracula’s Cabaret in Broadbeach and Melbourne guarantee their visitors’ safety as their modern video surveillance system is ideally installed in most haunted passages to closely monitor and take control of everything.

Our complete and beautifully furnished Centrepoint Resort Apartments are just a quick drive away from the little monsters into another dimension and the action-packed gothic theme park. So, visit the wildest and funkiest ‘Drax 4 Kids’ party on the block.

Make your reservations with us at http://centrepoint.etourism.net.au/ and be surprised as to how your kids could love this strange and a bit creepy holiday experience.

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